Public Participation and Plan Development

The Prescott General Plan Update will be developed over the next two years. In order to meet statutory requirements and to meet the deadline to get the plan on the August 2025 General Election Ballot, staff has broken down the process in to four phases. During this time, each phase will have a chance for the public to participate and provide comments.

General Plan 2025 Update Process

Phase 1

  • Summer 2022
    • Staff downloaded census data
    • Reviewed other recent updated plans for design options, element ideas, and other ways to reach out to the public for comment.
    • City Council appointed an 11-member General Plan Review Committee to help staff with public outreach and to review the updated plan for comments and suggestions.
  • Fall 2022
    • Staff started creating a website to provide information, updates, and other news throughout out the process.
    • Staff started getting handouts together to get out to the public to inform about process.
    • Committee members started getting the word out about the update process and getting input through the radio and articles in the paper.

Phase 2 

  • Website created to provide a venue to provide information and get public input.
  • Created public survey with input from all departments and citizen review committee.
  • Planning open houses to get public input and answer questions for the Summer of 2023.
  • Working with General Plan Review Committee to review existing elements for updates and what new information we should review for updates or new elements.
  • On August 30, 2023, the City of Prescott held an Open House to get public requesting input on challenges and opportunities on the following topics: Circulation (movement of people, goods, and services), Economic Development, types of Housing, Land Use, and Public Facilities and Services. Over 200 residents signed in and participated. 

Phase 3 (Current Process)

  • Finishing Department presentations to Committee.
  • New format approved by Committee and  updated document being created. 
  • New Chapters will start being reviewed by the Committee in March.

Phase 4 (Current Process)